"SHINOBI" means "stealth" in Japanese, reflecting an engine that is quiet yet powerful, with exceptional endurance. The new SHINOBI range combines Suzuki Marine’s legendary power, performance, and cutting-edge technology with a bold new look featuring defined style lines and a new matte black finish that exudes confidence.



Suzuki outboards are leaders in the industry, known for award-winning technologies and designs that enhance the boating experience. The new SHINOBI models offer:

  •  Distinctive matte black finish
  •  Chrome black graphics
  •  Uncompromising performance
  •  The ultimate look

The new lineup reinforces Suzuki Marine's reputation as the ultimate outboard motor provider, boasting improved fuel efficiency with an advanced lean burn control system that shows up to a 10% improvement in mid-range to high-end cruising speeds. Maintenance is made easy with the ability to replace the oil filter by simply removing the upper engine cover.



  •  Optimised gear oil passage for increased durability
  •  Large-capacity fuel pump
  •  Optimised O2 sensor mounting location
  •  Zinc-coated rust-proof fasteners



The SHINOBI series includes three models:

  •  DF200AT Shinobi
  •  DF140BT Shinobi
  •  DF115BT Shinobi  



The SHINOBI models are set to arrive in Australia in December 2024. They will be available in Matte Black. Browse the Shinobi range for prices.



Suzuki is a global leader in marine engineering, celebrated for delivering outstanding boating experiences. With a commitment to innovation and performance, Suzuki inspires boating enthusiasts with its high-performance outboard motors. Suzuki also prioritises environmental responsibility by reducing plastic waste and reviewing its contributions to environmental sustainability.